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Are you getting the most out of your Will?

Most people don’t know the power and potential of their Will. Take this quick quiz to find out what your Will can do.

1. A Will is a document that:

2. You can include a charity, or any other organization as beneficiaries in your Will.

3. People who include a charity in their Will are typically:

4. When you support a cause in your Will, you are taking away from your ability to support your loved ones.

5. Leaving a donation in your Will can reduce, or even eliminate the taxes paid by your estate.

6. It is recommended that you involve your family when making your Will.

7. When you leave a gift to charity in your Will, you don't know how it will be used.

8. It's hard to change or amend your Will once it has been finalized.

9. The following professionals can help you with your Will:

For more information about gifts in Wills, please contact Genane Peniak, 416-660-1276 or email at