Docs’ Choice - Mercedes-Benz Doubles Team Size to 40 plus!

Robert Lawrie and his daughters, Kate and Robyn, launched their team Docs’ Choice – Mercedes-Benz in 2012. Rob had been inspired by doctors at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and throughout University Health Network who had helped his family and friends. That year's team was two dozen riders including four doctors, several nurses and a diverse group of others who wanted to give back and raise money for research in pursuit of a cure for cancer. This year’s team includes more doctors and other medical professionals from all four of UHN’s hospitals and health centres plus many others who have found time to help conquer cancer by fundraising through the Ride. The team’s riders, their donors and the very important support group all know that without this widespread philanthropy, research and innovation would diminish.

The Ride focuses our thoughts and our hearts, giving us an opportunity to celebrate cancer survivors and remember the friends and family whom we have lost to the disease; and it inspires us, knowing our own efforts – pedalling up those damn hills – will yield needed money for research,” says Robert.  “And for all of us, getting on the bike and completing the Ride represents a victory over the disease – whether we’ve battled it ourselves or witnessed the fight in friends or family,” adds Kate.
As the out-of-control team recruiter, Rob never misses an opportunity to build the roster – chatting up seatmates on flights, strangers on subways and business colleagues, always promoting the importance of continuing to fund cancer research and the fun he and the team have on the Ride.
The Ride organizers work tirelessly to ensure our team and all riders are safe and have an experience they are eager to repeat year after year,” he promises.