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The Princess Margaret is ready to drastically accelerate the progress being made in cancer treatment and care. With the support of our passionate community, we will dramatically change the trajectory of cancer and the impact it has on lives of patients and their loved ones.

With your support, The Princess Margaret will:

  • Innovate simple ways to find cancer earlier, when it’s the most curable.

    Imagine a world where a simple blood test can detect cancer before you ever have symptoms. That world is possible, because of researchers at The Princess Margaret like Dr. Daniel De Carvalho, who developed a blood test to detect and classify cancer at its earliest stages. Our technology has the potential to revolutionize how we detect and diagnose cancer, monitor treatment response, and identify patients who are at a higher risk of relapse and might benefit from more aggressive treatment.  

  • Move beyond chemotherapy, developing less-toxic and higher-precision therapies.

    Every patient is unique, and so is their cancer. At The Princess Margaret, we're personalizing cancer care, harnessing technologies to predict individual patient responses to treatment to ensure appropriate care and avoid unnecessary treatment. We're also moving toward minimally invasive procedures and high-precision therapies that target cancerous cells, while sparing healthy ones.


  • Care for the whole person, and not just the disease.

    While treating the physical elements of cancer is critical to patient health, The Princess Margaret is equally focused on the positive mental health of patients and caregivers. Dr. Gary Rodin and his team pioneered a systematic approach to ease the psychological distress faced by cancer patients and their caregivers through the CALM program. This world leading mental health program has since been adopted in more than 20 countries, helping patients and their loved ones around the world.

  • Harness digital intelligence to improve the cancer experience.

    Our team is focused on maximizing digital intelligence to improve discoveries, patient care delivery, and the overall cancer experience through the fusion of human wisdom, data & technology. From applying artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to improve cancer knowledge and care, to harnessing technologies to advance remote patient monitoring program-- we aspire to be a global leader in the application of digital intelligence. 

Together, we can Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime