Eva Csanadi

Eva CsandadiEva Csanadi came to Canada from Hungary in 1957 and opened up her own beauty parlour. Years later, one of her clients was determined to play matchmaker and introduced her to Gabor Szekely. Even though Gabor was younger than her and was making his living as a musician—two ‘no-no’s’ for Eva—they were rarely apart from that point on.
Gabor did move on from his life as a full-time musician to become the second most productive financial planner in the 100-year history of Investors Group. “He loved people and they loved him,” says Eva. “And he loved living—from enjoying his espresso coffee to his passion for music to world travel.”
When Gabor developed lung cancer, Eva was determined to find the best care for him. They even went to the U.S. for consultation, but doctors there referred them back to The Princess Margaret, explaining he would receive equally good treatment there. Under the care of Dr. Natasha Leighl, Gabor lived an additional six years in which he and Eva were still able to travel extensively.
Eva will never forget the tremendous care Gabor received at The Princess Margaret, and she has decided to help others by funding cancer research through a gift of insurance as well as a gift in her Will. It will be a fitting tribute to a life lived well and with enthusiasm.

Reviewed: December 2013