Meet The Cancer Heroes: Allison Dellandrea

My name is Allison Dellandrea and I'm a thyroid cancer survivor.

In the ring, there is a winner and a loser so to speak and there's a least a fair perception that he or she who tries hardest will succeed in their fight against their opponent.

And of course the same isn't true for a cancer patient.

A cancer patient can fight with all their might and do everything possible for them to do and they don't always succeed.

November 25th, 2004, was when I got the news, and my surgery took place six days later and I was pregnant.

So, after my initial surgery, the goal was to allow me to complete my gestation -- the obvious concern being, we don't really know exactly what the impact of lengthy surgeries on mothers are to their unborn children.

So, in a weird sort of way, I was almost protected from worrying about myself. Because I was totally distracted by being worried about my son. And very happily, our son arrived perfectly healthy.

My match was everything I had expected it to be and hoped it to be and nothing like I expected and hoped it to be. So, I guess that's probably what everyone's first fight ends up being like.

My fundraising came in around $35,000 -- which is to me, the single, most proud achievement that I have about participating in this event. And it's my donors really who are the ones who are the champions, not me.

I just feel so grateful for being connected to so many generous people who got it and who were prepared to pledge their support for such a fantastic facility.