Meet The Cancer Experts: Sabrina Bennett

My name is Sabrina Bennett.

So I started at Princess Margaret in 2005. I actually relocated from Calgary.

And I met my now-husband and when it came to applying for jobs, the only place I actually applied was The Princess Margaret because it’s the only place I wanted to work.

I started out as a front-line nurse.

The reason I went into nursing – my mother had a younger brother who died when he was nine of pediatric leukemia.
I remember hearing my grandmother – through a time that must have been extremely devastating to lose a child, all she talked about was how amazing all the nurses were, on the units that looked after her son. And I thought: Wow! She lost a child and all she can talk about is how amazing the nurses were. I would love to be that person that somebody talked about.

I love my job. I love managing the clinics, I love the people here at The Princess Margaret. The people who report directly to me are just a fantastic group who are patient centred and come to work every day with the drive to do what’s best for the patients.

So what sets Princess Margaret apart from some of the other places I have worked, like I think I alluded to, is the people. The best of the best want to come here and when they come here, they want to succeed.

Our urgent care clinic, which a year ago, we were a 9-to-5, eight-hour-a-day operation. We expanded to be open 11 hours a day.

Even if I don’t look after patients, walking through the door every day, you see the reason why you are doing everything by just looking around the hallways and in the waiting rooms and in the exam rooms. Patients are genuinely thankful and appreciate everything that everybody does around here. So that’s a motivation for sure.