Meet The Cancer Experts: Heidi Wagner

My name is Heidi Wagner, I'm a Clinical Research Manager at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, and I oversee the operations for GU BioBank.

My education and training is in anatomic pathology and I spent over a decade working at top cancer centres in the United States.

A BioBank is a bio-repository of human samples that accepts, collects, distributes, stores and disseminates a material for clinical care and research.

If we didn't have BioBanking or bio-repositories to collaborate with, cancer research would be significantly compromised.
We need the samples in order to understand what's going on in the body, what's going on in the cells.

So definitely without those samples, we don't offer much to our patients.

Funding is limited through grants and government agencies... And so philanthropy funding often is required to advance cancer research and technology.

It also allows for individuals who have had to deal with the diagnosis of cancer to be able to contribute to the process of cancer prevention, screening diagnosis and treatment.

I like to always understand the why, and obviously most of has indirect or direct experiences with cancer so I've always worked in cancer centres and I think that will always continue.