Meet The Cancer Experts: Dr. Steven Chan

Meet Dr. Steven Chan. In his own words:

My name is Steven Chan. I'm an assistant professor at the University of Toronto, I'm also a staff physician at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

My role is to run a laboratory to study acute myeloid leukemia and to develop new therapies.

[The] diversity of expertise we have in this building and in Princess Margaret is incredible and a lot of times, we don't even realize that there are specific areas of research that actually applies to leukemia.

With one of my patients, she was in her 60s. She was diagnosed with a specific type of acute myeloid leukemia that is actually fairly easily treatable and curable with medications that we have now.

And I remember the day when she completed all her treatment and how thankful she was. Essentially, she felt that she was given a gift. And to me, when she expressed that to me, that was so gratifying and that's really what keeps me going and motivated to actually find other therapies like that for the other leukemia patients.