Meet The Cancer Experts: Dr. Peter Ferguson


  Meet Dr. Peter Ferguson. In his own words:

My name is Dr. Peter Ferguson. I am the Sarcoma Site Group Leader at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

Using new techniques of imaging and developing software with engineers, we're able to remove these tumours with very, very high precision, ensuring first of all that we are staying away from the tumour and second of all that we are preserving much more normal tissue and that improves the quality of life of patients afterwards.

When I was 17 years old, my best friend died of bone sarcoma -- something called Ewing's sarcoma. So, I've dedicated my career to helping patients with sarcoma.

We've made so much progress over the last 30 years in improving outcomes and one example is a young lady that I looked after with osteosarcoma from Thunder Bay, Ont.  

She had a huge tumour in her knee and when she was diagnosed she had multiple tumours in her lungs and she was 16 years old.

I removed the tumour from her leg and put in an artificial knee and she had surgery to remove the tumours from her lungs and that was about eight years ago.
She is currently cancer free and in fact, in Thunder Bay, when the Olympic Torch was carried through in 2010, she was nominated by her school to carry the flame and she carried it right at the Terry Fox Memorial. So it was sort of a symbolic passing on of the torch from the old treatment of osteosarcoma to the new treatment of sarcoma.