Meet The Cancer Experts: Dr. Nathan Perlis

My name is Nathan Perlis and I'm a Surgical Oncologist in the division of Urology, mostly focusing on minimally invasive surgeries and procedures for patients with prostate and kidney cancer.

So here at the Cancer Center we use the robots primarily to enhance surgical interventions for men and women with cancer.

It's best offered for cancers that are hard to treat or have higher complications when you do it the traditional way.

It offers improved patient-centered functional outcomes, it's better for us surgeons, it's improvement for the system because patients are here less and have fewer complications, so it should be the cornerstone of cancer surgical innovation moving forward.

There are at this point with our expertise almost no prostate tumors that cannot be removed robotically and when it comes to kidney tumors the majority of them are now amenable to robotic surgery and we're only at that point because we've had the robot for so many years.

So at least half or 75% of the patients that I see that have real localized tumors of you know the prostate or the kidney are eligible for robotic surgery.