Meet The Cancer Experts: Dr. Marcus Butler


  Meet Dr. Marcus Butler. In his own words:

Hi, I'm Marcus Butler.

I'm a medical oncologist at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

Certainly, this is the kind of environment that anybody would want to be in and feel privileged to be a member of to help move the field forward.

It's quite astounding what has happened in the last five years. I don't think five years ago I would have predicted we would be where we are today. I think we've done better than what most people predicted five years ago.

It breaks my heart when someone does very well and then all of a sudden their cancer changes and they have a relapse or some other complicating event.

What I hope for in five years is that we'll be able to identify those people who are at risk of problems in the future much earlier, so that we can intervene and that we have all the right tools to try to treat those patients effectively.

I'm very optimistic with hard work, we'll be able to make some incredible successes.