Meet The Cancer Experts: Dr. Ian McGilvray

Meet Dr. Ian McGilvray. In his own words:

I think I was driven to surgical oncology because it offers a cure. We have a capacity to try things and this gives us an environment where we can try things that otherwise wouldn’t be done.

I think it’s one of the unique things about Princess Margaret. A lot of places talk about innovation, but we really do enable that.

The favourite part of my job is the people. I mean the people you meet are extraordinary – both the patients and the personnel. There’s such a breadth of experience and opinions and personalities.

I have a lot of memories that speak to why I do what I do.

I had a 26-year-old guy who was referred to me and he’d been deemed unresectable.

But because of where we are and because of the techniques that we have available to us, we put him through a 25-hour operation that involved taking all of the intestines and the pancreas out, fixing them on the back bench and then putting them back in, which really is something that is done very seldom.

But that was five years ago and he’s doing brilliantly well and for all intents and purposes has a very good chance of being cured.

And that’s why I do this.