Meet The Cancer Experts: Dr. Hatem Krema


  Meet Dr. Hatem Krema. In his own words:

I'm Dr. Hatem Krema. I'm the Director of Ocular Oncology at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.
I see patients referred to us with tumours in the eye and around the eye. 

These tumours could be benign or malignant.

We deal with all the cases, we do the diagnosis, the treatment and the rehabilitation if needed.

Princess Margaret is one of the leading centres in Canada and probably we have the largest referrals of eye tumours in Canada. 

So having all of the facilities under one roof is a privilege and I’m glad to be here.
You have to address the psycho-social issues in addition to treating their eye cancers. You need to be genuinely compassionate with the patients.

What inspires me is the challenge to treat cancers. There’s still lots of research going on to find final cures for cancers.

At this point we are doing well and getting treatments to most of the cancers.    

But to achieve a final cure and preserve vision, this will be our final goal.