Meet The Cancer Experts: Dr. Gelareh Zadeh



Hi my name is Gelareh Zadeh. I'm the Head of Surgical Oncology.

I do a lot of skull-based surgery, restoring vision for people who have lost their eyesight because of tumour compression on their optic nerve.

It’s absolutely rewarding to be able to remove the tumour and within a very short time after surgery –within hours – that individual can actually see clearly.

Every person’s anatomy is different in its relationship to the tumour and how you go about approaching it is very different. So to me the toughest, actually, is not a technical challenge, it's where you're not able to achieve the maximal resection possible.

How we operate today is almost unrecognizable to how we did it 20 years ago.

We foster a very strong academic culture of medicine where scientific endeavour drives a lot of our clinical practice.