Meet The Cancer Experts: Dr. Fayez Quereshy

Meet Dr. Fayez Quereshy. In his own words:

I'm Fayez Quereshy, I'm a surgical oncologist, primarily with a focus on GI malignancies.

I'm often very heavily caffeinated. If there was an IV that I could connect to myself with some caffeine, I probably would. No, I love my espresso in the morning, it's part of my morning ritual. Rituals and routines are a part of your operating day. 

I certainly have a passion for GI malignancy.

There was a patient who woke up from surgery and was in the recovery bay and looked at me and held my hand and said: "Thank you for treating me like your dad." That type of response, I mean, is really what makes all of this activity worthwhile.

People that go through this cancer journey, the patients themselves, are remarkable. They are the real champions in all this.

I think our job is more than just being surgeons. It's about holistically treating the patient, emotionally and psychologically.
You know, you give a piece of yourself in each of the interactions and by the end of the day, you've given a lot. And trying to help patients come to grips with the gravity of their disease can be very challenging sometimes.

There is something very, immediately gratifying about a successful operation. That type of feeling of doing the best that we can in that moment and delivering the best care – it's kind of like hitting a home run, right? You kind of feel like: "Wow, I think we hit a home run today," and you leave the room with high-fives all around.

As a part of the cancer journey, hope is so important and it's something that we hold onto and I hope leverage for our patients as well.