Meet The Cancer Experts: Dr. Daniel De Carvalho


  Meet Dr. Daniel De Carvalho. In his own words:

Hi, my name is Daniel De Carvalho. 

I'm a scientist at The Princess Margaret.

I was born in Brazil, did my PhD in Brazil and then postdoctoral training in Los Angeles,  
and then came to Toronto.

Since I was a kid I always was interested in science and I'm always curious about everything -- how everything works.

This Cancer Centre is in the top 5.

It's ahead of most of the places, and the science is very top-notch.

We have very high-profile scientists here, and working in this environment is enriching for my own science.

Once I started to work in a cancer centre I started working more and more with clinicians, and the clinicians come and say: "I have this patient, I have nothing to do. Do you have any idea of something that we could try?"  This kind of interaction starts to, to give me a second driving force about the patients themselves.

We are in a comprehensive cancer centre, so we have clinicians interested in science, and have scientists interested in the clinical questions, and we talk to each other frequently.

So that allows this unique situation. I'm really excited about the potential of my work in cancer epigenetics, and the translation in clinical trials.