New Till and McCulloch Statue is Unveiled

2017-10-19  |  Events |  Posted by: Jessica Lopatka

Drs. James Till and Ernest McCulloch, the pioneers of stem cell science, have been honoured for their achievements with a sculpture located outside of the MaRS building in Toronto. The art piece, by Ontario sculptor Ruth Abernethy, was unveiled Sept. 28th during the grand opening of the Centre for Advanced Therapeutic Cell Technologies.

The sculpture serves as a reminder of the great Canadian innovation that happened here in Toronto about 60 years ago. Till, a Biophysicist, and McCulloch, a Haematologist, worked at the Ontario Cancer Institute, the research arm of Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. They were studying radiation sensitivity on mice when they stumbled upon their discovery of the stem cell which led to multiple further discoveries in medicine such as bone marrow transplantation, and the discovery of cancer stem cells. To honour their achievement, Till and McCulloch were inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame in 2004, became Officers of the Order of Canada, and earned multiple awards for their work.

Now, because of the new statue, the fathers of stem cell science will be a continuing representation of the life-changing work being done by Canadian scientists.