Diagnosis Made Easier for Breast Cancer Patients

2017-11-23  |  Fellow Fundraiser |  Posted by: Jessica Lopatka

Rae Eisen's family
Alana Picov, Charna Yasny, Robin and Carly Picov

Early detection is extremely important when it comes to treating cancer. People who know that cancer runs in their family, like Robin Picov, are very familiar with the anxiety that sets in after a biopsy. Her mother and aunt have both had breast cancer, and her grandmother passed away at a young age due to the disease. 

“Like with any illness in the family it puts up a red flag and sits in the back of your mind,” says Robin.

Making progress in breast cancer research became a passion for Robin and her family who had no hesitation to fully fund Dr. Alexandra Easson’s research into auto-fluorescence through their foundation, the Robin and Barry Picov Family Foundation.
Rae Eisen, Robin's grandmother, 1959
Rae Eisen, Robin's grandmother, 1959

Dr. Easson, a Surgical Oncologist at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, is working towards developing an alternative to breast biopsies, which are invasive, expensive, and can be quite painful.

Her alternative method involves attaching microendoscopes (slender, tubular optical instruments used to look inside the body on a microscopic level) to an auto-fluorescence imaging system. These endoscopes emit a particular wavelength of light that reflects back differently on regular tissue cells making cancer cells easier to detect.

Breast cancer patients will benefit from Dr. Easson’s method, which would improve upon the accuracy of current detection methods. 

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