An Epic 14,500-Kilometre Bike Ride in Support of Palliative Care

2017-07-31  |  Recognition |  Posted by: Geoff Nixon

Adrian outside the Cancer Centre

Adrian Marziliano had a big smile on his face when he biked towards Princess Margaret Cancer Centre on Monday morning, where a proud and loud crowd of friends, family, media and well-wishers gathered to welcome him home.

After pedalling more than 14,000 kilometres on an inter-continental bike ride to raise money for palliative care at The Princess Margaret, the full extent of his journey – known as the Ride Home for Rosemary – was hard for him to put into words.

Adrian on University Avenue"It's kind of overwhelming to be back in my city and know that I did this all on a bike," he said outside the Cancer Centre. 

"I'm really, really grateful this many people came out and supported me. I'm really grateful that everyone came and supported me all along the way and I can't be more thankful."

As of Monday, Marziliano's epic cycling adventure had raised more than $31,000 in support of palliative care at The Princess Margaret. 

His journey began in Santiago, Chile. Marziliano had been living with his cousin there when he got the idea to undertake this ride in honour of his late mother, Rosemary.

That's when he got the idea to make his way home on a bicycle. 

"I said: 'That's what I'm going to do for my mom, for a cause," Marziliano said after completing his ride, which began last November.

Paul Alofs & Adrian MarzilianoAlong the way, Marziliano passed through 13 countries, riding through big cities and small towns alike. He saw a desert and mountains, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. He also made many friends through his travels.

"I've met truly amazing people the whole way," he said.

Marziliano's mom passed away from colon cancer in 2010. He was holding her hand when she died at home.

"We were at home, luckily, because we had palliative care workers coming to visit us our house, all the time…to help make sure my mom was dealing with her pain OK, with her symptoms," he said. "From that day, I decided I wanted to do something in her honour."

Marziliano hopes that his ride will inspire others to support the cause he feels so passionate about and that has meant so much to his family.

Adrian, his dad and Paul Alofs