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A personal connection prompts Hamadi family to donate $200,000 to The Princess Margaret
Left to right: Joe and Samar Hamadi, Dr. David McCready, Adonis, Rima and Rami Hamadi

Joe and Samar Hamadi have always believed in giving back by donating to hospitals and other charitable causes. But this time their gift was personal.

Samar was diagnosed with breast cancer in June of 2017 and treated at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. 

“The care I received was very professional, very caring, and I saw only positive things from all the doctors,” says Samar, who is recovering well after her surgery.

The excellent treatment she received prompted the Mississauga family to give back with a $200,000 donation.

Samar’s diagnosis brought back painful memories of losing her sister to the same type of cancer three years earlier.  She said she really noticed how exceptional the care was at The Princess Margaret after going through that experience. 

The donation from the Hamadi family will be made over five years to the Cancer Centre’s Breast Surgical Oncology Fellowship Program.

Led by breast cancer surgeon Dr. Wey Leong, the fellowship program recruits the best and brightest breast cancer surgical trainees to The Princess Margaret. They were introduced to the program by Samar’s doctor, Dr. David McCready.

“We are very excited and happy that we’re able to do this for this great institution, The Princess Margaret. We have firsthand experience in the level of care and professionalism the hospital gives to the patient,” says Joe. 

“It was a great program so we thought we could make a difference.”

The Hamadi family, who are very active in the community, want to encourage others to get involved, donate and give back as well. 

Published May 27, 2016

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