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Always Moving Forward at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
The new strategic plan for Princess Margaret Cancer Centre was developed in collaboration with a diverse group of patients, members of TeamUHN and other partners. (Photo: UHN)

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre has launched refreshed strategic priorities for 2023 and beyond.

This ambitious strategic plan will accelerate the vision of Always Moving Forward by uniting the cancer centre community around three core themes: Elevate, Explore and Inspire.

Developed in collaboration with a diverse group of patients, members of TeamUHN and other partners, the plan – Always Moving Forward – sets out a vision for the future.

The Princess Margaret is renewing focus on an exceptional patient experience while ensuring patients, health care providers and committed partners are confident in the care delivered and feel valued, engaged and represented.

The Princess Margaret will accelerate research discoveries beyond the cutting edge, create novel pathways to cure and rapidly advance safer and more effective therapeutics. By focusing on the highest-impact solutions, we will usher in a new era of progress in cancer care worldwide.

"After the challenges of the last few years, including the COVID-19 pandemic, staff burn-out and fatigue, there has never been a better time to reimagine cancer care and research," says Dr. Keith Stewart, Vice President, Cancer, and Director of the Princess Margaret Cancer Program, UHN.

"We take pride in ushering in a new era of progress in cancer care, research and discovery."

Patients such as Ronald Gorospe helped to inspire this vision. He was first treated for lymphoma at the Princess Margaret in 1999. Twenty years later, his cancer returned. This time, thanks to advancements in treatment, the cancer was removed without radiation.

Ronald observed that during his two separate treatments, his health care teams were very focused and caring. He also noted something else: a progress in his care.

"Although the fight is still going to be long, it is always moving forward at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre," Ronald says.

In the development of this plan, we heard this again and again from staff, patients and community. We would like to thank them, as well as Ontario Health, and health care partners around the world, for their invaluable engagement in the development of our refreshed strategic priorities.

Visit the website for more details or access the full plan. Watch a video summary.

This story first appeared on UHN News