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The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation has kicked-off its new fundraising initiative, Quest to Conquer Cancer, to unite video game streamers, spectators and supporters all over the world to fundraise for cancer research through live gaming broadcasts. Quest will culminate in a week-long fundraising finale -- Quest Together, Conquer Together -- which will start on December 5 and run through to December 12.

All money raised through Quest to Conquer Cancer directly supports more than 1,300 researchers and scientists as they continue to push boundaries and set global standards in cancer care. This means earlier detection, advanced research, improved diagnostics to better understand the individual nature of each cancer and targeted treatments, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for cancer patients worldwide.

“Time and time again, we have seen the gaming community show passion and ingenuity to support charitable causes while doing what they love,” said Michael Burns, President and CEO at The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. “With Quest to Conquer Cancer, we want to inspire this community to play a key role in support of cancer research.”

Quest has no fundraising minimum and features game challenges, prize drops and a unique reward system for reaching fundraising milestones. All donations to streamers or through the Quest to Conquer Cancer website go directly to fund cancer research at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. This inaugural year’s goal is to raise $1 million.

The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation is partnering with gaming leaders and brands, including Stonemountain64, Nick Eh 30 and Digital Extremes, to create unique gaming experiences throughout the Quest campaign. These events will act as touch points to bring the community together and celebrate supporters. Quest has already attracted the attention of esports organizations around the world, such as Chaos EC, Electrify Esports and BOOM Esports.

“Cancer is a disease that impacts everyone – whether it’s your mother, father, sibling or friend,” said David Steinberg, also known as StoneMountain64. “As a Quest partner, it’s been incredible to see gamers from all over the world come together, share their personal stories and raise funds in support of ground-breaking cancer research.”

In December, Quest Together, Conquer Together will bring content creators, esports organizations and game publishers together for a weeklong charity marathon stream and celebration. To unite participants from across the globe, Quest fundraisers will be encouraged to host their fundraising finale using the hashtag #QuestTogether.

“We did not become one of the top five cancer research centres in the world alone. We got here with the help of our community, which we’re thrilled to be expanding with Quest,” said Burns.

To learn more about this initiative or join as a Quest fundraiser, visit

Together, we can Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime