Patient Stories

Ida Lee

I am a breast cancer survivor. I have never been shy to speak about my breast cancer experience. To help others, I feel you have to be open and honest about your own...

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Elena Ruggero Gallucci

I know about fear because 5 years ago I had the shock of my life. It started quite simply. I accidentally hit my knee. Then the pain grew worse and worse. I had to miss a...

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Gillian Grant

As my cart rattles down the hallway that doubles as a waiting room for transfusion patients on my way to Chemo Daycare, I am acutely aware of all the secrets hidden behind...

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Keith Hautala

If you were 28 years old, and you just discovered you had cancer -- a cancer that was rare and potentially fatal -- how would you feel if you heard your doctor say these...

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Marion State

Marion State was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a relatively rare, incurable but treatable bone marrow cancer that can lead to brittle bones, kidney failure and the...

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Norma Henn

The Early Lung Cancer Screening program accepts and examines male and female volunteers who are current or former smokers aged 50 and older, who are in good general health,...

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