Patient Stories

Dawn Murphy

Dawn Murphy was two-and-a-half weeks into a new job when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. In her professional life, Dawn often swept her hair up into a neat bun...

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The Veres Family

Diagnosed in 2010, Cathy Veres was optimistic and unyielding in her approach to cancer. Her husband, Denis, describes it as her “kid mode.” “Her only concern was to...

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Julia's Warriors

Rosemary Bolognese is the captain of Julia’s Warriors, a team of friends and family who have come together to support Rosemary’s niece, Julia Lisena. “Julia is our rock...

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Susan Cox

My name is Susan Cox and I’m a three-time cancer survivor, who has been given the opportunity to not just survive – but to live out my dreams because of the amazing care...

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Adam Coules

Excited about his future, Adam studied business in university and began an internship at an accounting firm. I’d never seen him happier than when he started dating a...

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Claire-Ann Rose

Spending time with her chemo sisters helped to mitigate her fear significantly. Seeing how well her ‘sisters’ were doing—some of them being 20-year survivors of breast...

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Munira Premji

My husband and I were totally floored when we first heard. Cancer? Where did that come from? I had been perfectly healthy prior to the diagnosis, so this news was...

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Stephanie Gilman

Unfortunately, many young women today can talk about their mother’s breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. But it’s still a pretty rare thing to say that your father has...

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