Veronica Van Rooyen

Veronica Van RooyenBreast cancer survivor Veronica Van Rooyen has created an entertaining yet poignant music video for The Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend to End Womens Cancers using Nancy Sinatra’s ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking.’
Just six weeks after treatment at The Princess Margaret for breast cancer, Veronica raised an incredible $11,500 and participated in the 2009 Weekend To End Breast Cancer (now known as The Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend To End Women’s Cancers).
Veronica is a huge supporter of The Princess Margaret because it is where she was diagnosed and treated – specifically through The Gattuso Rapid Diagnostic Centre. Started by Dr. David McCready, Head of the Breast Cancer Program at The Princess Margaret, he launched the Centre in 2006 with initial funding provided by The Weekend. Long waits for a breast cancer diagnosis can cause distress in patients. Located at The Princess Margaret, The Gattuso Rapid Diagnostic Centre provides women and men with a breast cancer diagnosis in one day, instead of weeks or months.
Thanks to Dr. McCready’s vision and the support from Walkers, Emmanuelle Gattuso and her husband, Allan Slaight, Veronica was diagnosed much sooner than the Ontario average of 33 days. Out of gratitude for excellent treatment, Veronica envisioned ways that she could further help The Princess Margaret and The Weekend. A former actor, Veronica struck on the idea of producing a music video that would celebrate the emotions surrounding The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers and create greater awareness of the fundraising walk. Nancy Sinatra’s ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’ was the perfect song for the video. Veronica’s hope is to see it become a YouTube sensation around the globe.

The Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend To End Women’s Cancers takes place in six locations across Canada. 
All the services were graciously provided pro bono. Special thanks to the following: Nancy Sinatra and Boots Enterprises, Criterion Music Corp., New Balance, Boston Pizza, Jill Carter and the professional film crew and post production team and last but not least, the ‘dancers’ who all had ties to The Princess Margaret – some as survivors, others as longtime participants in The Weekend To End Women’s Cancers.
Reviewed: October 2013