Crystal Joy Hall's Journey of Real Hope

Crystal Joy Hall's Journey of Real Hope

Crystal Joy Hall calls it a “whirlwind”– the two-month period of her life that started when she learned she had breast cancer and lasted while her treatment was completed.

Things moved quickly after her diagnosis. She had surgery and many follow-up appointments, all between June and August of 2015. She later had drug treatment, too.

But Hall found herself spending time at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre after her formal treatment was done.

That’s because the stress of dealing with cancer was so tough.

“I was feeling very lost and very alone,” says Hall. “My family lives a three-hour drive away, my husband working every day, my friends all work during the day, so here I am at home struggling through all of these feelings.”

Fortunately, the Cancer Centre staff was there to offer her support through the Psychosocial Oncology Clinic.

“It gave me that safe place,” says Hall. “So I went there and I was able to explore what it was that I was going through and get helpful advice.”

There was also support for her young son, who spent time in the Magic Castle – the on-site, daycare that is there to provide help to parents like Hall – while she was looking after herself.

“It became this safe and nurturing environment where my son was able to go and be away from the hell that’s cancer,” Hall says.

Hall is grateful for the programs at The Princess Margaret that gave support to her at such a difficult time in her life.

“I can’t imagine what it would have been like if they weren’t here,” she says.

The Princess Margaret offers real hope to Hall and many other patients like her.