A one-year-old daughter, and a cancer diagnosis.

Looking back now, I could never have dreamed how quickly my life would change.

At 39 years old, with a one-year-old baby girl, I received a diagnosis of cancer.

For the past year I had been seen and treated at numerous hospitals. Two rounds of chemotherapy, basic radiation, and two weekends of radiation in isolation — with no success.

Desperate for answers, I made the decision to come to The Princess Margaret.

Finally, after fighting what had been a losing battle, I received a diagnosis of endometrial cancer. I credit the pathologists at The Princess Margaret for uncovering the proper diagnosis.

At this time, I prepared to continue my fight. I was ready to take on whatever would allow me to return to my life and daughter. I began my treatment, which involved a 10-hour life-saving surgery with three surgeons, chemotherapy, and three follow-up surgeries at The Princess Margaret.

It has now been over ten years since I have been cancer free, thanks to the incredible team at The Princess Margaret — and I am living a life full of gratitude for the care I was so fortunate to receive.

While I feel grateful for the extra time I’ve been given, I also feel motivated to help other patients and families receive the same gift. It’s the support of donors who make world class research and care possible at The Princess Margaret and give hope for the gift of another day. 

You can help give hope to another patient like me.

This year Karen will be participating in Yoga To Conquer Cancer.
A yoga & meditation event to conquer cancer by bringing together yoga & meditation enthusiasts of all skill levels,  to enjoy in a relaxed setting.
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