The Ride

The Ride to Conquer Cancer funds have been used to support the following:


  • $38.4 million for research at The Campbell Family Cancer Research Institute for equipment, lab expenses, research and staff related expenses and research operations
  • $22.6 million to purchase cutting edge research equipment  and support cancer research activities in The Princess Margaret research expansion at Medical and Related Science (MaRS). Focus on:
    • Genomics & Epigenetics
    • Immunotherapy 
    • Cancer Stem Cells & Tumour Biology 
    • BioBank (including Genitourinary) related research 
    • BioDiscovery & Drug Discovery
  • $7.9 million to support the expanded research activities at the Toronto Medical Discovery Tower (TMDT) as part of The Princess Margaret Space Transformation project.

Clinical Enhancements

  • $12.3 million to support the expansion of the Cancer Clinical Research Unit including NO1 clinical trials support as well as joint research programs with Alberta Cancer Foundation, BC Cancer Foundation, and the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal
  • $2 million to support Techna (a new institute affiliated with The Princess Margaret, in collaboration with the University of Toronto, devoted to the advancement of health technologies)
  • $1.3 million toward the design and creation of the new Conway Chemotherapy and Transfusion Centre, the largest centre of its kind in North America
  • $106,000 to support clinical trials for a new “sharpshooter” drug CFI 945
  • $712,000 to support chemo day care clinical trials
  • $10.6 million in support of clinical enhancements and patient care priorities including Pilot Clinical Personalized Cancer Medicine Projects
  • $960,000 to enhance Guided Therapeutics Program (GTx)
  • $500,000 for innovation research grants
  • $576,000 to support the surgical robotics program for gynecological cancer patients
  • $7.0 million for the enhancement and support of the first in-hospital Cancer Rehab and Survivorship Clinic and Program in Canada
  • $7.7 million for the expansion of clinical research which includes the Princess Margaret Space Transformation, a multi-phase project that will create a transformative environment for Personalized Cancer Medicine
  • $4.4 million to support the patient education program
  • $2.2 million for the International program, a multi-year program for the Princess Margaret Cancer Program development in the areas of social responsibility, international health, staff wellness and other capital projects
  • $1.9 million towards grant matching programs