Message From The Cancer Centre Leaders

Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz (Former Medical Director at PMCC), Dr. Aaron Schimmer (Research Director at PMCC), Janice Fukakusa (Board Chair at PMCF), Michael Burns (President and CEO of PMCF), Brian J. Porter (Board Chair at UHN), Dr. Kevin Smith (President and CEO of UHN).

The past year has been one of strategic renewal for our organizations, driven by new leadership and our unwavering commitment to elevate the impact we have in research, education and patient care. Aligned with the Cancer Centre’s new vision of Future Care Now: Create Cancer Care 2030 and UHN’s vision for A Healthier World, our Foundation launched a bold new vision to elevate the impact our donors have on this next frontier of progress.

Future Care Now represents a commitment to deliver the very best treatments available today, while accelerating discovery of tomorrow’s breakthroughs through research at The Princess Margaret and across our global network. We know that by driving to create and deliver Future Care Now, we will Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime. 

The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation is proud to report $108.8 million in net fundraising and lottery revenue. This included a $10.5 million anonymous gift to support Dr. Tak Mak and the Therapeutics Group, as well as senior Canadian gold mining company Agnico Eagle Mines’ $5 million investment in promising immunotherapy research. We engaged over 4,500 riders and 3,200 walkers in our major events, and launched a new online gaming fundraising program, Quest to Conquer Cancer, which raised over 50% of its revenue from outside Canada. Finally, The Princess Margaret Home Lottery set a new record, with net revenue of $33.6 million with 34,000 prizes awarded. 

Funds raised through all of our programs will enable Future Care Now at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world. 

World-leading research and clinical care takes a community – and we are grateful for the generous support of our volunteers, donors, and community members who have made such an incredible impact. 

Thank you for enabling Future Care Now for patients at The Princes Margaret, across Canada and around the world.