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Joan H at a Princess Margaret event

After Joan's sister Pamela passed away of ovarian cancer, Joan decided to honour Pamela's memory by leaving a gift in her Will to Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Joan was at her sister's side while she was in The Princess Margaret, and she and her family appreciate the compassionate care Pamela received. She hopes her gift will help find a way to detect ovarian cancer, known as the "silent killer," at an earlier stage, when it is more treatable.

Joan is a committed Inner Circle donor. She met with an estate planner at The Princess Margaret to creat her legacy gift. It was a simple process, she says. "A legacy gift is a thoughtful way to support research so that one day we can Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime. It's one way of giving back to society." Joan also appreciates that leaving a gift to charity can offer significant tax benefits that can reduce or possible eliminate the tax owing on your estate. "I want to have everything in order so 100 per cent of my assets will go to charity," she says. 

As research continues at The Princess Margaret, there is a human life that will always benefit from the donations received

Published May 27, 2016

Together, we can Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime