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Art is an essential component to science.

It takes creativity to think of the next big thing. Without new thoughts and free-thinking, there would be no new discoveries. At The Princess Margaret, we’ve handpicked a team of renowned doctors, researchers, and scientists who have been chosen for their unique experiences and unparalleled skillsets. They are the world’s best, and together they’re using creativity to drive breakthroughs that are going to transform the way we think about cancer, not just today and tomorrow, but for the years ahead.

Here are some of the major breakthroughs that have been driven by creativity at The Princess Margaret.

Dr. Tak Mak cloned the T-Cell Receptor at The Princess Margaret in 1983, a discovery that paved the way for more effective and less toxic cancer treatments through immunotherapy.

In 2018, Drs. Daniel De Carvalho and Scott Bratman developed a simple blood test to detect different kinds of cancer and their location in the body, potentially diminishing the need for biopsies and allowing doctors to detect cancer earlier, when it’s more curable.

  1. The Princess Margaret is unique in that it’s dedicated and committed to making breakthroughs that will improve the lives of our patients. — Dr. Aaron Schimmer
  2. "It really does take creativity to think of the next big thing.” — Dr. Scott Bratman
  3. “It is really important for a scientist to be a free thinker. You have to build on what other people have built. Because science goes this way: you learn something, you learn something, you learn something, and the field is stuck until someone makes a new invention. It’s those groundbreaking thoughts that help us grow faster.” — Dr. Tak Mak
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