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A donation of publicly traded securities is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to help shape the future of cancer care.

Under current CRA rules, most people who give stocks, bonds, futures and options, or shares in mutual funds will pay no tax on the capital gain. This means a great reduction of the out-of-pocket expense of a donation.

For example, giving a gift of stocks worth $10,000 that were acquired for $5,000 could provide you with approximately $4,500 in income tax savings*. That’s like giving $10,000 for the cost of $5,500, and without any tax on the capital gain.

*This is a very general example and should not be construed as financial advice. Your refund could be higher or lower. Changes to the calculation of Alternative Minimum Tax introduced by the Federal Department of Finance starting January 1, 2024, may change the tax benefits for individuals with high annual income.

Make a donation in four easy steps:

1. Download the letter of authorization

2. Complete all sections, most importantly, the CUSIP# which will be provided by your broker or investment advisor. This number serves as a transaction number in case the transfer needs to be tracked.
For privacy reasons, your broker cannot disclose your name to us, so please complete the Donor/Client Information, including your daytime phone number.

3. Send the completed transfer form to your broker or investment advisor who will initiate, and be responsible for the transfer. If you are using a self-directed brokerage, you will need to call your financial institution and ask them to initiate the transfer. The Foundation is not responsible for the transfer.

4. Notify the Foundation by emailing a copy of the completed transfer form to
*This step is important because securities are transferred into our account on an anonymous basis. Notifying us will ensure you receive our thanks, any appropriate recognition, and your official receipt for income tax purposes.

Note: Your receipt will be valued based on the closing price on the day the shares are legally transferred to the Foundation's account at our custodial agent, CIBC Wood Gundy. All shares will be sold as quickly as possible after transfer.

Gift of Stock & Securities

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