Dr. Stephane Laframboise

Stephane LaframboiseDr. Stephane Laframboise is a Gynaecologist Oncologist and Site Leader of the Gynaecologic Oncology division at The Princess Margaret, representing the interests of surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists and allied health staff who care for women with a gynaecological cancer. She is also a proud Walker in the annual Shoppers Drug Mart® Weekend to End Women’s Cancers.

“Walking in The Weekend is a wonderful way for me to not only show my support of the gynaecologic program at The Princess Margaret, but to walk alongside and unite with my patients and their families who have been impacted by this terrible disease,” said Dr. Laframboise. “I also walk in support of my daughters and their generation, so that they will not have the burden of cancer on their shoulders.”

Dr. Laframboise has been working at The Princess Margaret since October 1997, seeing patients in clinic approximately two days a week, as well as conducting surgical procedures on patients who present with a vaginal, vulvar, cervical, endometrial, ovarian or fallopian tube cancer.

Dr. Laframboise is one of six surgical gynaecologists at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, who serve women that have been referred by their OB/GYN or family doctor because of an abnormal Pap Smear or have presented with a suspected gynaecological malignancy. As gynaecological cancers can impact women of any age, patients range in age from teenagers to women in their 90’s – with many in between.

Since 2009, The Weekend has provided funding raised through the event, to gynaecological cancers in addition to breast cancer. The reason for this is because recently, leading doctors and scientists have discovered that there is an obvious link between basal breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Therefore, The Princess Margaret decided to fight the battle together with one mission: to conquer all women’s cancers.

Since this time, $110,000 has been provided to the gynaecological robotics program allowing for patients to be treated, who previously were not candidates for surgery. Using a robot during the surgical process means that surgery can be conducted on very intricate parts of the female body, and/or can be used on women who are very obese and otherwise, are unable to have a regular surgical procedure. Although early in the study phase, robotics surgery also tends to provide faster post-surgical recovery for patients.

Funding from The Weekend has also supported the advancement of gynaecological patients to be seen in the survivorship program, allowing for women who are diagnosed with a gynecological cancer to receive the emotional support required through their cancer treatment and beyond.

In the years that Dr. Laframboise has been serving patients at The Princess Margaret, she says that she is amazed at the positive attitude that her patients have. “I am personally in awe of the energy and determination that patients have when they are fighting cancer. The inner strength that they demonstrate is so enriching for me and the staff. Their fierce and stoic attitude drives us forward.”