Dr. Stefan Hofer

Through the course of a typical business day, Dr. Stefan Hofer is a widely recognized for his outstanding work in the Division of Plastic Surgery at the University Health Network. But come October 1, 2011, Dr. Hofer will exchange his latex gloves for hockey gloves and participate in the inaugural Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer event.
“I was born in Sweden, and my Dad and I would watch all the international hockey tournaments – the World Championships and the Olympics – on TV,” Dr. Hofer recalls.
Dr. Stefan HoferAlthough a move to The Netherlands put a love of hockey on the back-burner, it never fully extinguished the passion. “Hockey really doesn’t exist in The Netherlands,” he admitted. “I mean, the Dutch play field hockey but that’s a different game. Soccer is the main game back home.”
Dr. Hofer earned his medical degree at the University of Amsterdam in 1992, and followed that by completing his PhD studying tissue oxygen tension as an indicator of tissue perfusion at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam. He obtained his board certification in Plastic Surgery from The Netherlands in 2000. Before moving to Toronto, Dr. Hofer was Head of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical Oncology at Rotterdam’s Erasmus Medical Center.
Three years ago, Dr. Hofer was recruited to join the University Health Network as the Division Head of Plastic Surgery and the second Wharton Chair in Head and Neck Reconstruction. Moving to Toronto opened up a world of possibilities professionally, but also renewed his passion for hockey. “I can skate, but not like a hockey player,” he chuckles. “But I find great enjoyment in taking my son to his hockey games.” Daniel, his son, plays minor hockey in the Toronto area.
When word began to spread about The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation’s epic new fundraising event – Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer – Dr. Stefan Hofer thought it was an event in which he had to get involved. “It sounded like an amazing thing to do,” he smiles. “Here’s a chance for me to have fun playing hockey with some friends while at the same time, raising money for cancer research at The Princess Margaret.”
Dr. Hofer contacted some colleagues – Dr. Peter Ferguson from The Princess Margaret and Dr. Jay Wunder from Mt. Sinai – and asked if they were interested in joining him for this dawn-to-dusk road hockey tournament. “Both of them are hockey fanatics,” laughs Stefan. And both quickly registered for the event, with Dr. Ferguson taking on the role of captain with the Sarcominators.
“We’ll be competitive, no doubt,” states Dr. Hofer. “The Sarcominators have a few surprises in store for Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer. We’ve hustled a couple of good, young players to join our team. Hey, it’s a friendly event, but we all want to win!”
To be involved in an epic fundraising event like Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer is a terrific experience for all participants, but for a doctor who is helping to conquer cancer in our lifetime at The Princess Margaret to be involved – like Dr. Stefan Hofer – it’s an inspiring statement about the good that is being done because of events like Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer.
Dr. Hofer nods. “It’s all about giving back.”