Dr. Marcus Bernardini

Dr. Marcus BernardiniThroughout the world, robotic technology is quickly becoming a preferred option to traditional, open surgery. Not long ago in the 1980s, laparoscopic surgery was introduced to the operating room and its use has extended to many surgical procedures. Medicine and technology have advanced once again as the newest type of surgery that is being performed at The Princess Margaret is robotic surgery.
In robotic surgery, the surgeon’s hands never touch the patient but rather, small incisions allow for robotic arms to move the camera and surgical instruments with precision. The surgeon sits at a console directing the robot’s actions using “joysticks” or pedals. The surgeon’s hand movements are scaled and seamlessly translate into precise movements of the instruments inside the patient.
Currently, The Princess Margaret uses robotics in surgeries for patients who present with prostate cancer or a gynecologic cancer, in particular uterine cancer. Dr. Marcus Bernardini, a Gynecologic Oncologist in the Department of Gynecologic Oncology at The Princess Margaret, is familiar with using robotics in surgery when he treats patients with gynecologic cancers.
Dr. Bernardini and other robotic surgeons prefer this type of surgery as there are many benefits to the patient such as increased precision of surgery, decreased risk of infections compared to open surgery, less post-operative pain in patients, shorter hospital stays and a speedier recovery time with less scarring.
“Throughout the world, robots are being used to provide patients with more accurate surgical procedures and better outcomes,” says Dr. Bernardini. “As one of the top cancer research centres, we are in a perfect position to be leaders in gynecologic oncology robotic surgery – what better place than at The Princess Margaret, to take advantage of this technology.”
With funds from The Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend to End Women’s Cancers, more women have access to robotics surgery at The Princess Margaret. Thanks to all of the walkers who have helped provide this option for women who need it throughout the GTA.