Clinical Research & Care

The staff at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is committed to continually raising the bar in virtually every area of cancer medicine including early detection, precision diagnostics, more targeted treatments and psychosocial support for patients and families.

At any one time, there are 700 clinical trials running to test new and improved diagnostic and treatment techniques against the current ‘standard of care’.  One out of every six patients is participating in a clinical trial.  Many of these trials are national or international in scope, and are testing new procedures in surgery, radiation medicine and new drugs and new drug combinations.

The Princess Margaret is a busy place where over 1,400 patients are cared for each day--primarily in our ambulatory clinics, but also in our in-patient unit that has 202 beds where patients recover from bone marrow transplants or have specially-trained doctors help them manage debilitating side effects.  In 2017, the centre:

  • performed 5,884 cancer surgeries
  • delivered 47, 677 systemic therapy treatments
  • facilitated 89, 220 radiation visits, and
  • performed 457 stem cell transplants

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