Our researchers and clinicians are constantly challenging traditional models of cancer care to create space for new possibilities. This means earlier detection, improved diagnostics, targeted treatments and real hope for patients and their loved ones, but without seed-funding, new ideas can stall.

Through donation to this program you'll join a select group of investors who work directly with some of the brightest minds at The Princess Margaret to decide which research gets funding and what innovative ideas will help shape the future of cancer care.
Minimum $10K donation to become a member

Through the power of donor commitment, the $2M to date has helped secured $36M of additional funding for new discoveries.

All advancements in research have the potential to yield immense impact, but what is unique about this program is that it funds higher risk research that has the potential for much higher rewards. These generously allocated grants fund many early stage, high risk ideas that lack traditional means of funding. Thanks to our donors, each year two grant recipients receive $100,000 to embark on their bold and innovative ideas. 

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This year's members-only meeting will be held on November 30.


Dr. Aaron Schimmer will be presenting this year’s shortlist. Hear directly from scientists about their innovative work and help us determine which groundbreaking initiatives will receive funding and move forward.

“Research is critical to everything and Invest in Research enabled us to take a lab-based concept to the clinic for new therapies. Providing an opportunity for emerging and established scientists to collaborate and test ideas can lead to extraordinary insights and potential discoveries. When we invest in research, we automatically invest in our own care, in our people, and in our patients.”
- Dr. Aaron Schimmer, Director of Research, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Investments in research are changing the game

Each year, $100,000 is awarded to researchers at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre after donors vote on the projects that receive support.
Learn how our past recipients are leading the way in cancer care.


Lung Treatment

In 2010, Dr. Thomas Waddell and Dr. Marcelo Cypel received an Invest in Research grant to test the revolutionary idea of targeting chemotherapy directly to the lungs to improve survival rates and extend the period of time patients can live cancer free. Patient trials began in 2016 and the doctors hope they can treat more people with a variety of cancers that have spread to the lungs in the next five years.                                                                                                                                                     

Leukemia Cells

Dr. Schimmer and his team are investigating a new ways to kill Leukemia cells without harming normal cells or organs. Preliminary tests secured an opportunity to collaborate with Takeda Pharmaceuticals and develop the world’s first drug of this nature. This work will lead to first-in-human clinical trials to treat patients with relapsed and refractory acute myeloid Leukemia (AML). The team has secured $2 million in additional support to continue this work.

Uncovering the Root of Renal Cell Carcinoma

Dr. Laurie Ailles received a grant in 2010 to determine if renal cell carcinoma stem cells are rare or common in kidney cancer. The first step was to develop resources derived from patient tumours, which included developing methods for growing patient’s cancer cells in culture and in mice. The project also received a Canadian Cancer Society grant (2015-2018) and work is continuing in this area.                                                                                                                                          

Past Recipients

22 projects have been funded to date and hundreds more are on the horizon.
Each one holds the promise of discovery. With your help we can enable Future Care Now.

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Karina Wong
Manager, Leadership Giving
The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation
Email: karina.wong@thepmcf.ca