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Science and art work hand in hand. It takes creativity to think of the next big thing. Without new ideas and free-thinking there would be no new discoveries. Every day The Princess Margaret’s team of renowned researchers are using creativity to save lives and transform patient outcomes around the world. The Invest in Research program helps make these incredible advancements possible.

As a member, you’ll be given exclusive access to research labs, updates from the researchers you’re supporting, and a chance to vote on the next projects we fund. Your support will help us accelerate the pace of innovation to achieve our vision: to Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime. This is your chance to witness cancer history in the making.

To become a member of this unique group of thought leaders, contact our Director, Jared Drewnowsky at

Invest in Research 2022

Invest in Research 2022

Investing in research is like having a front row seat while the future of cancer care unfolds in front of your eyes. Twice a year, you’ll meet with leading Princess Margaret scientists and hear about the research programs that you’ve funded. You’ll also have the ability to help select the programs that we fund next.

Your gift today will help fund the daring and bold ideas that change the way cancer is treated here in Canada and around the world.


Fund Groundbreaking Cancer Research

Hear directly from our 2022 grant recipients about their advancements in research.

You can view our Impact Report here.
Dr. Aaron Schimmer

When we invest in research, we automatically invest in our own care, in our people, and in our patients.

Past Recipients

  • 2022

    Dr. Eric Lechman - Investigating Ciliopathy as a Predisposition for Pediatric Leukemia
    Dr. Natasha Leighl - Accelerating Lung Cancer Diagnosis Through Liquid Biopsy
    Dr. Shane Harding - Dynamic heterogeneity of the prostate microenvironment in patients undergoing external beam radiotherapy

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  • 2021

    Dr. Geoffrey Liu - Lung Cancer Earlier Detection to Intercept Cancerous Relapsing Tumours (Lung EDICT)
    Dr. Catherine O’Brien - Targeting Colorectal Cancer Cells in the Drug-tolerant Persister State
    Dr. Anna Spreafico - Detecting and Monitoring Molecular Residual Disease (MRD) in High-Risk Melanoma Patients through Novel Circulating Tumour DNA (ctDNA) Profiling Technologies

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  • 2020

    Dr. Phedias Diamandis - Growing Artificial Human Brains to Refine Glioblastoma Drug Development Efforts Dr. Marianne Koritzinsky - Mechanisms of PRDX4 addiction in pancreatic cancer

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  • 2019

    Dr. Brian Wilson - Photodynamic Therapy to Treat Melanoma
    Dr. Steven Chan - Repurposing Metformin and Doxycycline to Prevent Blood Cancers and Cardiovascular Disease

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  • 2018

    Dr. Aaron D. Schimmer - Targeting the “Garbage Disposal System” in Leukemia Cells
    Dr. Vuk Stambolic - Towards a Molecular Mechanism of Pancreatic Cancer Association with Hyperinsulinemia

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