A love that never ends: Woman remarries ex-husband before he dies of cancer

By Sheri Block 
Through marriage, kids, divorce and everything in between, Joanne Wotherspoon and her late husband Bob always had a deep connection. It’s why the two chose to remarry as he was dying of cancer.

“We pulled it all together with the help of the hospital and we got married the day before he passed away. It was as beautiful as it could be,” recalls Joanne.

Bob, then 64, was being treated for acute myeloid leukemia at The Princess Margaret by Dr. Aaron Schimmer, the Cancer Centre’s new Research Director.

“I can’t imagine facing something knowing you were going to die but I truly believe he felt connected to me and his family. He went feeling at peace, which has helped my children immensely and myself."

Joanne hopes her story will help raise awareness of how important it is to fund cancer research. 

“We really want to one day see this particular cancer, of course, cured, among all cancers. I’m a big believer in The Princess Margaret.”