Meet Our Team

Greg Lichti, Vice President, Major Gifts

“I am truly delighted to be a partner with our donors, our colleagues at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and my Foundation colleagues in our vision to Conquer Cancer in Our Lifetime. It feels like we truly are partners with each person playing their part in this great quest.”

Shannon Stuart, CFRE, Senior Campaign Director

“Having been at The Foundation for almost 15 years, I’m constantly amazed at how far we’ve come in cancer research, treatment and patient care because of the incredible contributions of our donor community. I’m so proud to work here and to be a part of what we, together, make possible every day.”

Areas of Responsibility:  Breast, Gattuso Rapid Diagnosis Centre, Gynaecology (endometrial/uterine, cervix, ovarian), Immunotherapy, Melanoma/Skin, Nursing, Pathology/Laboratory Medicine and Research Campaign Lead (including Immunotherapy, and Biodiscovery and Drug Development Pillars)

Clayton Atto, Campaign Director

“To Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime is a bold vision. Working with incredible staff at The Princess Margaret, I believe this is the place to achieve it! We all think of people close to us who were taken too soon because of cancer. I often think of my Uncle Gerrit who passed away from cancer too young. If I can work with generous donors and gifted clinicians and researchers to ensure people’s friends and family are not taken too soon, this to me, defines success.”

Areas of Responsibility: Genitourinary (prostate, kidney, testicular, bladder), Head and Neck, Discovery Program and Research Campaign’s Cancer Genomics, Epigenetics and Bioinformatics Pillar Lead

Christy Morrow, CFRE, Campaign Director

"I love working at The Princess Margaret. From day to day, I am in contact with amazing people: patients, clinicians, researchers, staff, and generous and thoughtful donors. When I walk through the Cancer Centre, I am reminded that even though no one wants to come here as a patient, we are so lucky to have one of the top 5 cancer centres in the world in our city. We have a friendly and passionate group of people working at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and at The Foundation – it is a privilege to be part of this team."

Areas of Responsibility: Hepatopancreatobiliary (pancreas, biliary, liver), Gastrointestinal (colon, esophageal, stomach, intestinal, anal, rectal), Imaging/Radiology, Molecular Imaging, International Programs, Surgical Oncology, and Research Campaign’s Tumor Biology and Imaging Pillar Lead.

Andrea Orr, CFRE, Campaign Director

“I am honoured to work for an organization with such a bold and important vision and a world class reputation.  Each day I am inspired by the expertise and energy of the team at The Princess Margaret, determination and spirit of the patients and families impacted by cancer and the incredible commitment of our donors.  Together I believe we will achieve our mission to Conquer Cancer in our Lifetime!”

Areas of Responsibility: Supportive Care, Radiation, Brain, Ocular Oncology, Pediatric Radiation, Dentistry and Space Transformation Campaign Lead

Malka Greene, Campaign Director

“Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world, and it is a privilege to work with our brilliant and dedicated doctors and researchers. We are honoured by an incredible community of donors, whose belief in The Princess Margaret makes innovations in cancer care possible. I am motivated by many personal connections to cancer and the bravery and commitment that I see at the Cancer Centre every day. It is an inspiring and meaningful place to work!”

Areas of Responsibility: Endocrine, Guided Therapeutics (GTx), International Foundations, Invest in Research, Mesothelioma, Lung, Patient Education, Sarcoma

Anthony Keating, CFRE, Campaign Director

“Like so many people, I have personally been touched by the devastating effects of cancer. That’s why our courageous vision To Conquer Cancer in Our Lifetime is so important to me. Each day, I am in awe of the amazing difference that our doctors, researchers, and healthcare professionals make on those touched by cancer. This work of course could not happen without philanthropy, and I am incredibly fortunate to help donors use philanthropy as a way to make a truly meaningful difference. Work hard, have fun, and make a difference has always been a guiding principle in my life. I get to live this principle every day at The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.”

Areas of Responsibility: Malignant Hematology (including Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplants, Leukemia/Myeloproliferative Neoplasms, Lymphoma (Hodgkin's and non- Hodgkin), Multiple Myeloma and Research Campaign's Stem Cell Pillar Lead.

Jill Nelson, Associate Vice-President, Estate Giving

“I’ve met so many special people since I started working at The Princess Margaret.  So many people who have been through a lot themselves, and use their time now to make things better for others.  And I LOVE my work.  You’d think that gifts from Wills and life insurance would be a lot of dusty files – but it’s endlessly interesting and I love helping people make really important things happen.  I just wish more people would ask us about how to reduce their taxes through gifts.  It’s so frustrating when someone realizes AFTER the fact that their gift could have cost them a lot less!”

Genane Peniak, Associate Campaign Director

“It is my sincere pleasure to speak and meet with our donors to hear about why they choose to support The Princess Margaret with a gift in their Will. Our donors are special and it’s their uniqueness that inspires me in the work that I do every day.”

Connie Tsui, Campaign Director

"When I started my career 17 years ago, I told myself I would never be ready to raise funds for Princess Margaret Cancer Centre because the cause was just too sad and painful. After having received great care as a patient several years ago, I now look at this place very differently. Everyone working at the Cancer Centre, regardless of the nature of their work, commits themselves to providing the best care they can and working towards conquering cancer in our lifetime. I see the same level of conviction among my colleagues at The Foundation, who are motivated not only by the Cancer Centre staff, but by our donor community, who are equally eager to help find a cure. The global status that The Princess Margaret holds today is due largely to our generous donors. There is hope, and it’s a great joy and privilege for me to come to work every day."

Areas of Responsibility: Head and Neck Cancer, Melanoma and Skin Cancer, Radiation Medicine Program