Previous Recipients

Dr. Aaron D. Schimmer - Targeting the “Garbage Disposal System” in Leukemia Cells
Dr. Vuk Stambolic - Towards a Molecular Mechanism of Pancreatic Cancer Association with Hyperinsulinemia  
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Dr. Daniel De Carvalho - Early Detection of Lung Cancer Using Genomic and Epigenomic Analysis of cfDNA
Dr. Robert Weersink - X-ray activated photodynamic therapy of pancreatic cancer
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Dr. John Dick and Dr. Gordon Keller - Development of a novel system to generate human platelets from human iPSC Vision
Dr. Scott Bratman - Impact of distinct HPV subtypes on survival in oropharyngeal cancer
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Dr. Aaron Schimmer - The mitochondrial proteasome as a new therapeutic target for Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Dr. Gang Zheng and Dr. Jon Irish - A novel PET agent for accurate and sensitive detection of tumours and lymph node metastases in head and neck cancer

Dr. Senthil K. Muthuswamy - An Alternatively Spliced Isoform of HER2 as a Potential Biomarker for Basal Type Breast Cancer and Response to Anti-HER2 Treatment
Dr. Catherine A. O'Brien - The Role of Intracellular Bacteria in Colorectal Cancer

Dr. Malcolm Moore and Dr. Steve Gallinger - Personalized Medicine for Patients with Pancreatic Cancer: The Introduction of Routine Screening for BRCA 1/2 and Other Germline Mutations Prior to Therapy
Dr. Jean Wang - Therapeutic Targeting of SIRPα -CD47 Interaction in AML

Dr. Marcelo Cypel and Dr. Thomas Waddell – Development of In Vivo Lung Perfusion Strategy for treatment of Pulmonary Metastases
Dr. Laurie Ailles - Is Renal Cell Carcinoma driven by “Cancer Stem Cells”?

Dr. Steven Gallinger - Validation and Characterization of Candidate Germline Familial Pancreas Cancer Tumor Suppressor Genes
Dr. Bradly Wouters - A multi-disciplinary Pilot Study: Identification of Lung Cancer Mutations that Contribute to Treatment Response

Dr. Aaron Schimmer - Chemical and Clinical Investigation of an Oral Proteasome Inhibitor
Dr. Igor Jurisica and Dr. Ming Tsao - Tumor-Stroma Interaction and Carcinoma-Associated Fibroblasts in Lung Cancer