Your monthly gift will help conquer cancer in our lifetime.

Connected, we will conquer cancer

By joining One Degree Connected you connect with thousands of other supporters to help achieve one goal: To Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime. Here’s how:

• Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is one of the Top 5 Cancer Research Centres in the World. Through One Degree Connected, you play a powerful role in accelerating the pace of progress to save lives.

Your monthly gifts invest in breakthrough research to explore promising new approaches—like cancer stem cell treatments and immunotherapy.

You help make sure the very best cancer care anywhere is available right here in the GTA—for you, your friends, and loved ones.


Connected, you save lives, like Jessica’s

At 38 years of age, Jessica Lui had two young boys and a wonderful husband. She was healthy, happy, and had big plans for her family’s future.

Then, literally overnight, she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, and her whole life — and her family’s — changed, in an instant.

Jessica is acutely aware that if she’d been diagnosed 10 years earlier, her story might have turned out very differently. But thanks to incredible advances, made possible by people like you, Jessica was able to fight — and win.

“The care … everything The Princess Margaret gave me … we just can’t put it into words how grateful we are.
I literally was given a second chance.”

Jessica endured round after round of chemotherapy, then radiation and, eventually, a bone marrow transplant. But today, thanks to people like you, Jessica has over a 90% chance of achieving a normal life expectancy.

“I never thought I’d be able to put a period on this chapter, but I did. And I am so grateful, every day, for the life I have. I’m excited to see my boys grow up … to laugh with my husband. I also want to get back to work and do something meaningful. In the next chapter of my life, that’s my focus — to be able to give back.”

Thank you for joining One Degree Connected; you have become part of stories like Jessica's. Your monthly gift helps build hope for every person facing cancer by supporting world-class care and breakthrough research at The Princess Margaret.

Connected, we save lives. And connected, we’re one degree closer to conquering cancer.


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