Transforming Cancer Care

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Patient Story
“Not many people my age are sick. That’s been the really hard part. Why me?”

Lauren Craig

Lauren's Story

At The Princess Margaret, standard of care is expected, but our cancer experts demand more for their patients. They’re constantly researching and developing unique and novel treatments to save more lives. We fight for patients like Lauren Craig.

In November, Lauren noticed a large bump on her neck. Tests revealed why she suddenly felt exhausted, stiff, and weak: she had lymphoma. Lauren's full story HERE

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Research Priorities


At Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

We are the home of game-changing breakthroughs, such as the discovery of the stem cell and the T-cell receptor. These transformational discoveries have changed what the world knows about cancer. We have some of the most productive researchers in the world. They publish their findings in high-impact oncology journals at a prolific rate, shaping how other scientists think about cancer.

We are focused on the six most promising areas of cancer research. Our goal is to raise $50 million in new funding to accelerate discovery in these key areas.

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Priming the Immune System to Fight Cancer:


They say the best defence is a good offence. In Canada’s most comprehensive immunotherapy program, we’re looking for ways to boost the immune system to attack cancer.

Getting the Complete Picture of Cancer:

Tumour Biology & Imaging

We have access to new imaging technologies that are opening the door to never-before-seen cancer targets that will help us personalize treatments.

Breaking the Code of Cancer:

Cancer Genomics, Epigenetics & Bioinformatics

We’re collecting information about patients’ tumours to see all the ways cancer changes our genes. Using computing power to make sense of this data, we can develop targeted treatments or, in some cases, reverse genetic changes.

Digging Deeper:

Bio Discovery & Drug Development

Cancer isn’t just one disease, there are more than 200 types. Our scientists are looking for weaknesses in every single tumour, to develop targeted drugs to exploit them.

Treating the Whole Patient:

Supportive Care

We know that patients are more than their cancer. That’s why we’re global leaders in developing new ways to meet the unique needs of each and every patient across the continuum of care.

Finding the Root of Cancer:

Stem Cells in Cancer

Building on our discoveries here, researchers are now working to locate and understand the inner workings of cancer stem cells. This is the next essential step in translating our ground-breaking discovery into life-saving treatments.


The Princess Margaret Space Transformation Project prioritizes the patient experience, emphasizing that patients are at the centre of their individual treatment plans and partners in their own care. Furthermore, it will allow our researchers to advance critical translational research and facilitate more world-leading clinical trials.

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Transformation Campaign

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Fran & Ed Sonshine
Personalized Cancer Care

Cancer Care

As our understanding of the complexity of cancer has increased, one thing has become abundantly clear: research is our best defense against this disease.

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Immunotherapy: The Promise of a New Treatment

Our immune system provides an amazing line of defense against a host of viruses and bacteria. Researchers have found the immune system can also mount an attack when cancer begins. So why does it sometimes fail and how can we help it succeed?


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JCB Grant Society

JCB Grant Society

For Laura Byl, the cancer cause is deeply personal. Both her father and sister battled the disease. That's why Laura and her husband, Sven, have embraced a novel way to offer future patients more than hope.

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