Rob McColm

Rob McColmIn May 2008, Rob McColm’s world was turned upside down when he was diagnosed with stage three throat cancer. “Everyone thinks they are invincible, no one actually expects to hear the words YOU have cancer,” says McColm.

McColm proceeded with treatment at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, learning that the cancer had spread to his lymph nodes. As a father of two girls, McColm was scared for his life. However, he quickly realized the amazing care of The Princess Margaret and he knew he was in good hands.

“I cannot say enough about the level of attention and care that I received both while I was admitted to The Princess Margaret and when I was travelling in for treatment on a daily basis. All of the health care professionals there were amazing. I was very intent on learning as much about my cancer and the treatment plan as I could and the doctors and nurses never had any problem sitting down with me to answer any of my questions of which, trust me, there were many!”

“I asked one of my oncologists, Dr. Jonathan Irish, what role I could play in helping to get better,” says McColm. “His response was that they expected to cure me and when they did, I could ride alongside him in the Ride to Conquer Cancer helping to raise awareness.” After five months of being off work and getting the proper care, McColm was told he was cancer free in September 2008.

Determined to live up to his promise with his oncologist, McColm registered for the 2009 Ride to Conquer Cancer. “Participating in the Ride was one of the greatest moments I have ever experienced. I was blown away by every aspect,” says McColm. “What struck me the most throughout the Ride was the sense of purpose that we felt and the positive attitude witnessed in everyone I spoke with.”

McColm has participated in the Ride ever since, and gained ambassador status in both 2009 and 2010. Personally raising over $20,000 in the last two years, McColm continues exceed his fundraising goal. “Reaching out to colleagues and friends, bottle drives, and sitting outside stores on wind trainers with ride signage are all great ways to achieve your fundraising goal throughout the year,” says McColm.

For 2011, McColm and his team Roll-N-Bug Suckers are training and fundraising to meet their goal of $10,000. “When I first registered in 2009, it had been twenty years since I had ridden a bike, but the Ride has brought on my new cycling passion. After every ride I finish, I cannot wait for the next one!”

Reviewed: October 2013