Nancy Carroll’s OneWalk to Conquer Cancer is Deeply Personal

In 2012, just before my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary, both my mother and I were diagnosed with cancer. Earlier, we had lost my sister Andrea’s much loved husband Scott to cancer at age 28. For me, it was the second time being diagnosed after having battled breast cancer in 2002. This was a shock to our family.

My mother was diagnosed with lymphoma and is a patient at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. She is an extraordinarily strong and giving person who raised a family of seven, teaching all of us the importance of family.  I have a deep appreciation and I am forever grateful for the cutting-edge care and kind support that both my mother and I received at The Princess Margaret.  

We wanted to give back. 

In 2013, while I was undergoing treatment, my sister Andrea created an 11 member Walk “Team Carroll”, which we subsequently developed into Team McCarthy Tétrault. We have been walking ever since.  Today our team is made up of more than 30 walkers. We have raised more than $686,605 to support cancer research and care at The Princess Margaret.  

A huge, heartfelt thank you for the incredibly generous support we have received from my law firm McCarthy Tétrault LLP. colleagues, family and friends and for the hard work and dedication of our team members. 

My sister Andrea says, “When we think of all the loved ones and colleagues that we've lost and all those we know who have or have had cancer, the list is long and I feel that it's time that we take a step towards helping to find a cure.  If we can make even a tiny contribution towards a possibility of a cure so no one else has to suffer with cancer or witness someone they love struggle with cancer, we will be forever grateful for this opportunity.”

Our team walks in honor of all the loved ones we’ve lost through the years to cancer, those who are being treated for cancer and cancer survivors.  

Today, I am pleased to serve as an Honorary Chair of the Rexall OneWalk to Conquer Cancer and Leader of Team McCarthy Tétrault.  

Cancer has touched too many of our colleagues, families and friends.   
To show our gratitude for the outstanding treatment at The Princess Margaret and to support vital research and new innovative therapies, we WALK ON!

Please join us in 2019 for the CITY NIGHTS 15 km Walk, or the ALL NEW DAY TRIP, a 25 km walk in the Ontario countryside!