Mike Allan's Journey of Real Hope

Mike Allan's Journey of Real Hope

Mike Allan finds it tough to talk about his cancer journey.

But it’s easy for him to describe what the people at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre have done for him.

A year and a half ago, Allan learned he had a type of testicular cancer. He came to The Princess Margaret for help.

That’s how he met Dr. Philippe Bedard, his medical oncologist, and Rebecca McKinney, a specialized oncology nurse at The Princess Margaret.

Allan says the care he received from the Cancer Centre staff has been second to none. And he felt that way from the moment he became a patient.

“It was the kind of care that I had never experienced before. Both in the quality of the medical aspect, but also in the human aspect. Far more than I had ever anticipated,” Allan says.

He’s gone through a lot since learning he had cancer, including chemotherapy and a two-week stay in hospital.

But today, Allan is very grateful for the treatment he’s received. And he feels fortunate to have been able to have walked through the doors of The Princess Margaret.

“This was the best place for me to be,” says Allan.