Lindsay Thomas

Lindsay Thomas was a young woman who was realizing her dreams of performing on the big stage. Many people in the theatre business described her as one of the brightest lights on the Canadian musical theatre scene, and a true ‘triple threat’—a gifted actress, singer and dancer. She had a bubbly, happy-go-lucky personality and a smile that would light up the room.

In October of 2008, near the end of her performances in The Music Man at the Stratford Festival, Lindsay developed a bad cough. The coughing bouts became worse, and she was forced to take time off work. Initial diagnoses indicated acute bronchitis. However, just as she was beginning rehearsals for the Canadian production of Jersey Boys, a CT scan revealed that she had stage 4 lung cancer.

At just 31 years of age, being young and fit, and never having smoked, it just didn’t seem possible. Despite the grim prognosis, Lindsay faced her cancer treatment at The Princess Margaret with a positive attitude and a strong will to survive. Knowing she was in the hands of a world-class clinical team, led by Dr. Frances Shepherd, gave her and her family confidence. The team tried every approach available to them, and searched out new options when the ones they tried didn’t work.

Lindsay knew that she was never alone in her fight and she took strength from that. She felt surrounded by a “cocoon of love”, created by friends, family and her healthcare team. But sadly, she succumbed to her illness in February of 2010 after eight months of treatment.

Marilyn and Derek Thomas are so grateful for the wonderful care their daughter received at The Princess Margaret that they agreed to have their daughter’s story be the centerpiece of the 2011 Doves of Hope fundraising campaign. They knew that Lindsay had wanted to help others with cancer.

The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation is grateful to the Thomas family for the courage and strength they have shown in honouring their daughter while supporting The Princess Margaret’s goal to Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime.

Below is the musical tribute to Lindsay given at the closing ceremonies of the Dove Campaign by her fellow cast members of Jersey Boys.
Revised October 2013