Lily Yee-Sloan

Lily Yee-Sloan
Lily Yee-Sloan says that walking in The Weekend to End Women's Cancer has allowed her to create positive ripples in her community and beyond. Three years ago, her sister-in-law got her involved with the event, and since then she has encouraged those in her sphere of influence to take action. Her sister got involved, then her co-worker, and her co-worker’s sister, and their families…and so it goes.
Each person who gets involved in the Weekend event makes an impact through their training, their fundraising, and their participation in a 30 or 60 km walk where they connect with other walkers determined to beat the disease that has impacted their life in some way.
In the summer of 1973, Lily was hired by Princess Margaret Hospital as an outpatient clerk. It was her first summer job, and she was proud to be wearing a white lab coat. However, just ten years later, she was wearing a blue patient gown and was preparing for cancer surgery.
Lily has survived thyroid cancer, and her family has dealt with breast cancer, ovarian cancer, liver cancer and lung cancer. Losing her parents to cancer, and being treated herself has shown her the importance of testing and early diagnosis. It has also motivated her to be part of the solution. So she walks.
When asked about her greatest satisfaction in being part of The Weekend, she shares that, “The Weekend allowed me to achieve goals that were beyond the realm of my (limited) imagination. In the first year, I raised $2,000 which was a mammoth goal, and I walked 60 km—also a mammoth goal. But once I achieved those goals, then it became conceivable to set even greater goals. Following this logic, suddenly conquering cancer in our lifetime—another mammoth goal—seems attainable!”
As it is for many walkers, one of the privileges of the event for Lily was the chance to talk to the esteemed Dr. Tak Mak, Director of The Campbell Family Institute for Breast Cancer Research. “As we walked, he spoke so very passionately about conquering cancer in our lifetime. I had thought of it only as a marketing campaign. But for him, it appeared to be an assumption. It changed my way of thinking completely.”
Those who have been involved in The Weekend to End Women's Cancer will certainly relate to Lily’s analogy of making ripples. She believes it is a wonderful opportunity for anyone to participate in the effort to conquer cancer in our lifetime.
Reviewed: October 2013