Kate Mlodzik

Kate MlozdikKate Mlodzik believes that the Gattuso Rapid Diagnostic Centre saved her life, and her opportunity to give back to the hospital by walking in the Weekend has been a special and meaningful part of her healing process.

Kate is a mother, wife, sister to two brothers and six sisters, aunt, friend and part of the small community of Arkell near Guelph. In her words, “life was moving along just as planned”, but last summer she had a nagging pain in her left breast that just didn’t go away. No lumps, just a pain.

She has taken the time to tell her story of how she progressed through the diagnostic process, and finally came to receive her treatment at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Anyone supporting the Weekend will want to read her story, as it provides proof that cancer research at The Princess Margaret is providing patients with more effective and timely diagnostic procedures, plus greater confidence and hope as they face their disease. When any cancer is detected at an early stage, treatment outcomes are significantly improved, and Kate feels fortunate to have had her cancer diagnosed at stage 1.

The Gattuso Rapid Diagnostic Centre, led by its visionary, Dr. David McCready, is a tremendous example of how the funds raised by the Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend to End Women’s Cancers are being used to develop and test new and more effective approaches to breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. The pilot study that led to this new Centre was funded by the Weekend. Women and men coming to the Centre have all the necessary scans and tests for a definitive diagnosis completed in 24 hours, and, should the person receive a diagnosis of malignant breast cancer, they also receive a treatment plan in that time. The hope is to expand this approach and apply it to other types of cancer diagnosis.

Read Kate’s story in her own words

Reviewed: October 2013