Joe Finley

Joe FinleyBy all outward appearances, Joe Finley was an ordinary Joe. But through his ideas and drive and compassion to leave this world a better place, he was an extraordinary Joe. A man whose selfless vision for helping others we honour in continuing his Joe's Team Triathlon after his passing. 
The story of Joe's Team was born of the worst of circumstances. He got cancer. But not surprising to those who knew Joe, it brought out the best in him. A mere 6 months after his first of many highly invasive cancer therapies, Joe completed his first sprint triathlon. An experience that so moved him, the next year he founded Joe's Team with the express purpose of raising money for cancer research at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.
It was a massive success drawing 230 people and raising $500,000. But this was just the beginning. Since its inception, the event has raised millions of dollars for The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, making this the largest third party fundraiser for the hospital - and the third largest fundraiser of any kind for the hospital. And ask anyone who has participated and they'll tell you it is the event of the year. 
At the core of this unique fundraiser was Joe's vision that the Triathlon itself make a difference in two lives. To the participants, it would offer the personal victory of completing a sprint triathlon, while at the same time rallying people around the even-more-satisfying victory of raising funds to fight cancer. Cancer be beaten was the heart of the event and Joe's spirit (ironically unbeatable) was its soul. 
Joe Finley passed away in October 2010, but through example has passed on the most extraordinary gift to all who remain - the proof that as regular Joe's, we all have it in us to do extraordinary things. 
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Reviewed: October 2013