Jason Brommet

Jason and Alexis Brommet
We are so thankful for a very special angel. Her name is Alexis.
Alexis was born October 6, 2004 and like all new parents, those early days were incredibly tiring for both Jason and Amanda, but also filled with complete and utter joy as they watched their little girl grow.
Alexis quickly learned to run, and then swim. She was a dancer and a singer – she lived life to the fullest, sharing plenty of giggles with her many family and friends. Even when Alexis was diagnosed with neuroblastoma she was ready to take on the world.
At only three years old, Alexis underwent more prodding, tests and clinical procedures than the average person would experience in a lifetime. Her battle included chemotherapy, more than 20 days of radiation at The Princess Margaret, a bone marrow transplant and surgeries.
Even though Alexis was a little girl in stature, she was so big in character and fought the cancer with all of her might. Despite this, Alexis’ battle with cancer ended on February 2, 2008 when she passed away. In just three years, this sweet, sweet, girl touched the lives of so many – and continues to do so.
In memory of Alexis, her grandfather, Don, did the inaugural Ride to Conquer Cancer in June 2008 to raise funds for The Princess Margaret. In June 2009, Jason along with both of Alexis’ grandfathers, Don and Brian and her uncle Ian proudly rode together with 32 other people under the banner of Alexis’ Angels. In 2010, there were more than 66 people riding in honour of Alexis and her courageous spirit.
In just three short years, Jason and Amanda witnessed their beautiful girl battle painful but necessary treatments with the hope they would ultimately save her. “I would give anything to have Alexis back. The next best thing I can do is help prevent what I experienced from happening to anyone else. If funds raised from the Ride translate into one life saved down the road, then every penny is worth it.”
A person much too familiar with cancer, Jason also rides for his mother who is currently battling Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. “There’s no other cause like cancer, that’s as broad sweeping in our society today. Not when one in three Canadians will learn that they have cancer in their lifetime,” says Jason. “Cancer research is costly, but if we don’t invest the resources needed now, we will be the ones held responsible for the outcomes in the years to come.”
This holiday season, we remember you Alexis. We are thankful for your bold and courageous spirit that not only lives on, but also continues to grow. Thank you for being an angel to all of us.
Reviewed: October 2013